Sweeps Policy FAQ

A new sweeps (shop credit) policy went into effect in April 2018, as announced by General Manager Jeff Keller in the March issue of the Tradition. Credit that could only be used for golf shop merchandise may now be used for other transactions at the club, but will now expire April 1 of the following year. In other words, your sweeps account will reset April 1 each year.

Sweeps are like cash—they can only be used for a transaction, at the time of the transaction.

Sweeps may be used for:

  • Golf shop merchandise (hard goods, soft goods, special orders, etc.)
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Guest fees
  • Daily cart fees

Sweeps may NOT be used for:

  • Dues
  • Gratuities
  • Lessons
  • Annual cart fees
  • Annual storage/locker fees
  • Tournament or activity fees
  • Reciprocal fees
  • Retroactive credit (e.g. applying them to meals on last month’s bill)

Why is this happening?

Sweeps are a time-honored way to ensure a healthy inventory turnover and keep revenue inside the club. However, when they remain unused for an indefinite amount of time or are used well after they are earned, it makes inventory difficult to manage and revenue difficult to attribute properly. We hope that this makes it easier to use your credit.

How do I use my sweeps for something other than golf shop purchases?

Ask your server to apply sweeps to your bill. If they’re enough to cover it, we’ll use all of them and you will owe nothing. If they’re not enough, or if you have a specific amount you’d like to use, you’ll only be charged the difference. Note that sweeps may not be used for the gratuity portion of your tab.

Do sweeps purchases count toward my minimums?


How do I monitor my sweeps balance?

  1. Log into www.bendgolfclub.com (login link is now at the upper right). Your home page shows the credit balance for your membership. It is not broken down by individuals within that membership.
  2. If you want to see where the credit came from, click “Statements” under “My Club.”
  3. Click “Credit Book Activity” in the top menu.
  4. Change the date range to whatever you’d like to see individual transactions (credits and debits) related specifically to your sweeps account.

Can I have my sweeps applied as a general credit to my account, or to last month’s bill?

No. Using sweeps must always be applied in the course of a transaction.

Can I give my credit as a gift to another member?

Yes. Just email Karen Goodman with specific instructions about how much and to whom.

Can I have my credit converted to a gift certificate so I can use it later?

No. Nice try, though.

What about non-members who earned credit through a tournament?

Credit for these kinds of events will be issued via gift certificate. Gift certificates are counted as revenue for the year in which they are issued.

What happens to any unused sweeps in my account as of April 1?

There’s a soft poof sound, and then they’re gone forever.