COVID-19 Phased Reopening Plan

BGC Reopening: Member Rules

The opportunity to open our facility comes with a responsibility to abide by the traffic patterns and protocols that will keep us all safe and open for business. This document specifies exactly what rules we must abide to keep our facility open and operating. This document is divided into sections for the golf shop, athletics, tennis, pool area, and dining.

Remember, if one of us get infected, the repercussions to our club, membership, and health will be in jeopardy. We can’t emphasize this enough.

In the past, many of us worked through it or toughed it out if we were not feeling well. However, it now means you should not be at the club. Please do not put our club, members, or personnel at risk if you have any symptoms.

Please do the following self-check each day before making the decision to come to the club: “Do I have even a single sign of COVID-19, namely a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fatigue or even just nasal congestion, sneezing or a runny nose?” If the answer is yes, PLEASE STAY HOME until you are symptom-free.

Our reopening is guided by the needs and restrictions outlined by the state and federal government for phase 1 reopening, which is based on the advice of medical experts. While we all may have opinions, to keep in compliance and keep our doors and amenities open, our guidelines must be adhered to by all. Each person must make their own decision as to whether they feel comfortable coming to the club under these conditions.

Your operations team and board members support our operational procedures and ask you to follow them. As you read through this document, it is important that you all understand and respect it. Neither these new rules, nor our ability to follow them, are up for debate.

Each area is outlined with traffic patterns and requirements of each member. Please respect each other’s boundaries.

Cleaning Requirements

Surfaces will be disinfected, cleaned, and washed a minimum of twice per day. A specific employee will be dedicated solely to this task. As such, please do not touch surfaces unnecessarily, use the supplied disinfectant where available, and wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds.

If you forget, an employee may remind you to distance. This is an awkward position for us to be in, but we cannot take this lightly. Adherence to these protocols are for everyone’s benefit, and it’s not personal.

Phase 2 is planned for June 5. This will most likely expand some of the grouping options, but until we get more information, it is difficult to speculate.

We are in a fluid situation. Rules and guidelines can change as we open. Be flexible and understanding and we will all enjoy the club!

Golf Shop

Hours for shopping: 9-4, Mondays 12-4

Traffic Patterns


  • The entrance into the golf shop is through the west (course facing) door. Social distancing signs and directional arrows are located throughout the clubhouse, but especially in the shop.
  • There is a maximum of 6 members allowed in the golf shop at any one time. Each person is required to wear gloves (provided) and read all signage. Please stop and wait if there are 6 inside and don’t touch anything without putting on gloves.
  • There will be no returns for merchandise. Anything that goes over your face cannot be tried on; it must be purchased.
  • Please follow the traffic pattern outlined on the floor. Respect the red lines and do not go beyond them.
  • The golf shop staff will advise you if they are at capacity. If that’s the case, please be patient and wait your turn. The exit will be out toward the locker rooms and the door will be locked from the outside so you cannot enter that way.
  • All payments will be to club accounts (including sweeps/credits); we will not be accepting credits cards or cash. Our staff will be masked and cleaning surfaces frequently.  Members are encouraged to wear masks but are not required to. We encourage you to wash your hands immediately upon leaving the shop.

Golf Course

  • Check in for golf continues to be with the starter out on the 1st tee. Athletic members who wish to use the range or practice green will need to check in with the golf shop.
  • The bathrooms will be disinfected, cleaned, and wiped down a minimum of twice per day, with variable cleaning in between.  Garbage cans will be placed close to the door so that if you use a paper towel to open the door you have a place to put it.
  • Club storage will likely be a Phase 2 consideration.
  • One rider per cart unless both parties agree to accept the risks.
  • Please continue to be careful around the flags and use your putter to retrieve the balls from the hole. Do not touch the flagstick.

Athletic/Exercise Facilities

Hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For all Athletic/Tennis members, the privileges that we have extended throughout this difficult time are extended until May 31. If you are interested in a golf membership, please contact Jeff Keller. At this time, guests are not allowed in the athletic/exercise/tennis facilities.

Each person is required to check in with the athletic desk staff. They will ask each member a few health questions, their name, their membership number. They will record arrival and departure times.

Athletic Center

  • There is a maximum allowed in the workout rooms at any one time (see below). Bottles of disinfectant will be assigned to each person entering.
  • You are responsible for wiping down all equipment you use. Return the spray bottle to athletic staff and place cleaning towel in appropriate receptacle.
  • You will each need to stay in the quadrant assigned. We realize that it is a bit more difficult, but we must continue to keep distancing.
  • Please arrive in your athletic attire. Restrooms will be open and lockers will be accessible, however, showers in all locker rooms are closed.

Maximum Occupancy

  • Cardio room: 6
  • Nautilus area: 2
  • Upstairs loft: 2

If the rooms are full, you may stretch in the loft if its available, or you may wait outside until the rooms open. Unfortunately, the area outside of the tennis courts is too small so we will need to wait outside.

Sectors will be marked on the floor with tape. One person at a time is allowed in each sector. A sign will be issued to you for your machine that reminds others to pick a spot at least 6 feet away when choosing their exercise location. We encourage you to wash your hands immediately upon completing your workout.



  • You must have a reservation to use the courts. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your reservation time wearing your athletic attire. IMPORTANT NOTE: the person who has set the reservation is the DESIGNATED SOCIAL MONITOR on the courts. Please be a leader for those you are playing with and for everyone else, please be mindful and considerate.
  • Leave premises immediately after your court time being mindful of the 6-foot social distancing guidelines. We ask everyone on the courts to leave to the back and north, toward the swimming pool hallway. This way, the next players may enter through the court doors.
  • Restrooms will be open. Lockers will be accessible. Showers in all locker rooms are closed.
  • While waiting for your court, please stay outdoors or warm up in the workout area if it is not at full occupancy.
  • Do not gather in the viewing room. Staff will allow you in when the other members have cleared.
  • At this time, guests are not allowed in the athletic/exercise/tennis facilities.

Maximum Occupancy

No more than 4 people per court for tennis players, pickleball is set up for 8 players on two courts. Understand that ultimately, you are “agreeing” to play with other people that may always not be 6 feet away due to the proximity of pickleball.


  • Reservations will be taken online. All players must be entered in the computer. We will cancel reservations that do not have at least two names. If there are two names registered, you will be playing singles.
  • During the first phase, the ball machine is not available. Phase 2 is June 5, and if all goes well, we should be able to bring back the ball machine at that time.
  • Please be mindful to keep at least 6 feet from all other players at all times and be sure to wash your hands immediately after play.


  • We suggest you play with new balls each session. You may use one set of balls for each side of the court (serving) and only touch balls with rackets to return them to the opponent if that is preferred.
  • There will be no LTA Tuesday morning sessions or pickleball socials until further notice.
  • Please sanitize anything that is touched with sanitizer that is provided.


Contact Barry Laing 541-633-3621 or Kevin Collier 541-480-8184


Limited space will be available on a court, with distancing for those that are waiting. Check with the athletic staff or register online.

BRING YOUR OWN: water, sweat towel, racket, etc.



Closed (best case, June 5)

Dining Room/Grill

Hours: 3-8 p.m. Wed-Saturday this week 5/20-5/25
5/26-November: Closed Monday, light menu Sunday/Tuesday. Full menu Weds-Sat,  11-8 p.m.
(takeout continues with separate menu)

Traffic flows from the front door on the right, towards the wall of memorabilia.  Please exit to the right, walking by the restrooms. There will be arrows and signs to continue to keep the 6 ft. distance from each other.  Understand it is for our safety.

You may choose to eat with other people at the same table, at your own discretion. There are two 8-top tables, and everyone is assumed to be okay with dining together. The maximum number of people that may sit together at one table is 8. Parties of up to 10 can be set up in the Quail room.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: At no time may you move tables around. They are selected and positioned to have the distancing in effect. Bar seating is not available currently.

Salt and pepper shakers are available on request. Our teams are wiping down each one before returning them to the tables. Unfortunately, we cannot offer peanuts pretzels or popcorn. We will have appetizers available but no finger food to be shared.

You will see our personnel masked and cleaning surfaces and chairs frequently. Members are encouraged to wear masks as well, but are not required to do so. We encourage you to wash your hands immediately upon leaving the grill or dining room. All payments will be to club accounts; we will not be accepting credits cards or cash. We are asking that no more than 2 per restroom. You will need to be careful to see how many are in at one time.


The spacing requires us all to pay attention to spacing and care for one another. Seating, while visually and physically spread out, is limited in the grill. We will take reservations for the dining room only and they are strongly recommended. If there is seating in the Grill, you are welcome to sit there, but it will be first-come, first-served. Call 541-322-5773 for reservations.


  • Social distancing patches will be on the floor. Please do NOT crowd in and keep your distance.
  • No more than 3 in Mulligans at one time.
  • The water/ice machine is available, but we would prefer you use your own bottles.
  • Please try to keep your hands from all surfaces.
  • Cups available on request.
  • Coffee available on request.
Entry: Far West Door
Exit: Interior door

Locker Rooms/Restrooms

Distancing signs will be on the floors, as well as locker areas. Please respect the distancing needs as we all need to continue to respect distancing and personal space. There will be signage throughout the areas, please comply.

ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED AT A TIME IN EACH AREA OF THE LOCKER ROOMS AND BATHROOMS. In other words, one person at the sinks, one per locker bay, etc.


The current card key system posted on the door will go away, however we need to adhere to the following rules:

  • For men, one person in the urinal area at a time. Please be patient.
  • Distancing will still be necessary, especially washing your hands.
  • There will be no shower services.

Thank you for reading through this and understanding the implications of opening. Opening our facility and keeping it clean and safe are paramount to our ability to enjoy the club during these difficult times.

Please let me know if you have questions.