Circle of Excellence Recognition Program


To recognize our employees’ outstanding individual achievements that reflect our distinguishing qualities and our goals related to our people, quality and member experience.


All full and part-time employees are eligible.


  • Exceed job performance expectations
  • Everyday commitment to Company goals and values

Nomination/Selection Process:

An employee may submit a nomination for any other qualified employee in the Company. All employees are encouraged to submit nominations on a monthly basis. Management input on the nomination form is optional. Completed nomination forms should be returned to the General Manager. After review for eligibility, nominations are then copied and placed in the employee’s personnel file and forwarded to the appropriate Selection Committee. Selection Committees are comprised of each department. Members may periodically rotate to provide maximum employee involvement.

Recognition and Awards:

The Circle of Excellence Achievers will be honored and they will be presented with a monthly award. All nominees whose nominations have been approved for eligibility will receive a copy of their nomination.

Annual Recognition:

All Achievers immediately become eligible to become one of a small group of employees to be honored for outstanding annual achievements. At year-end, the Selection Committee in each specified location review the COE Achievers from each quarter and ask the Achievers’ manager to give the committee input as to their performance throughout the year. After careful consideration and discussion, one employee, exemplary of going above and beyond annually will be our chosen as the Annual COE Achiever.