President: August 2021

I love summer, and I love the heat — but come on, this has been a bit much! Historic temperatures already this summer, but it sounds like the worst of it is now behind us. A tremendous tip of the hat to Scott and his entire crew keeping our course in amazing condition, during high heat and no irrigation water!

This brings to mind a request from your Board of Directors. Please be aware of the extreme fire danger caused by the current conditions and lack of water — if you smoke on the golf course, please plan ahead and bring an extra bottle of water and be sure to fully extinguish your “butts.” Staying on the green grass while smoking is also a must! It is important that our members act responsibly regarding fire danger. Just like filling in divots and repairing ball marks, taking care of our course if good for all members.

There are a lot of events, so be sure to check out the events calendar and sign up for something fun! Check out the new website as it is a great source of information and makes it easy to find upcoming tournaments, dining and social opportunities and all other kinds of information.

Continue to enjoy this summer and squeeze in as much as you can before the season is behind us. Stay cool, stay hydrated and go have fun!

Tami MacLeod

BCG President

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