GM: August 2021

As I write this, we finally have a small reprieve from the heat. It’s been an amazing year so far, with a full membership and many physical changes at your club. From #10 and #11 to cart path repairs, new decking outside of Mulligans, a new look for the front of the clubhouse, and a few outstanding projects that have been delayed by production. The swimming pool door is due to open the first part of August.

We will spend about $277k this year in improvements. This in part is from what we didn’t do last year during COVID and what we need to do to upgrade the facility. We are doing well financially with the increase in Food and Beverage, full golf membership, and unfortunately the lack of some key personnel in the pro shop, kitchen and wait staff.

I have heard many conversations about what we should do next, e.g. “When are we going to ______?” While we are in good shape financially, all capital ideas, whether it is the golf course, clubhouse, athletics or amenities all require careful consideration and an understanding of its position among other priorities of the club.

Each year, we begin a with a capital plan, but projects don’t get approved without considering our current cash flow position. We don’t change what we plan for capital expenses in any given year.

The role of the Board of Directors is to take all ideas and prioritize them. What is different is that we now have the reality of upgrading our facilities, providing more amenities, and becoming the club we all know we can be.

To protect ourselves and the future, we will be prudent. The lean years of deferred maintenance will not be fixed in one year. The board is not a group of members with their own priorities, they represent you and the betterment of the club.

I hope that helps everyone to understand the process. We love hearing your ideas and we will compile them all and prioritize them as we look at next year but understand that we are being prudent with our financial future.

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