President: June 2021

Welcome Summertime! What an amazing time of year, and what an amazing time to be a member at Bend Golf Club. I, for one, absolutely love the warm (or hot) weather and am looking forward to another great summer in Bend. If you got a chance to enjoy the course this past weekend, maybe even playing in the super fun Memorial Day Mixer, it sure presented a preview of what this summer can be.

Holes 10 and 11 are open and what a nice change. Scott and his crew continue to do a great job keeping our course the best in Central Oregon, and Monte and the pro shop continue to present creative and fun events to get us out on the course. You will see more projects around the club as we increase outdoor seating and brighten up the “face” of the clubhouse. The Board is taking a strategic look at some longer-term capital projects, and we will be talking about those in greater detail with members in the coming months.

I am looking forward to our annual meeting of members on June 22, and it will be the first time we have had an in-person, member meeting in almost two years! We will give club updates at that meeting and provide an opportunity for Q&A. We will send out details about the meeting in the coming weeks, and I hope to see you there. Until then, tee ‘em high, let ‘em fly, and remember to wear sunscreen!

Tami MacLeod

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