GM: June 2021

Our snowbirds have returned and the golf course is greening up. It’s time for summer! We have had a few small tournaments, but the Ladies Invitational and the Men’s Member-Guest, the “Egan,” will be held in the later part of the month as we kick off our first few “majors.”

In the first part of this next month, we will launch our new website. It will require us all to login and create our password, (member number, password: last name lower case), but the setup and information will be much easier to find and there are several new features. Again, thanks to Susanna Ross, Laurie Hoyez and Randy Crossley for all their work.

We are pleased that we can offer so many upgrades this year. Very few clubs around the country would be able to invest almost $300k without assessing our membership. We are very sound financially and intend to stay that way.

The next few months, we have several major projects that begin. Ten and 11 will be outstanding and are under play as we speak. In June, we install a concrete pad under the stairs south of Mulligans. The area will increase the outdoor seating area toward the pool and will go nicely with a new glass pool door installed on the north end of the pool. The retractable door will span almost all the way across.

Monte has several new additions to the Golf shop. New Bag racks as well as new towel bins on 1 and 10. Those will be stocked with towels and water to wet your towels.

Darrin and Christie have done a great job with our food and beverage operations. The food is second to none and we are continuing to increase our offerings with a new menu in June.

Margaret has the pool ready and open as the kids get out of school and Tennis and pickleball are great for cardio and fun.

We are finally almost back to normal. We appreciate everyone’s attention to the numerous emails and your compliance for such a difficult time. If there is anything we can help with operationally, let us know.

Jeff Keller
General Manager

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