Golf Pro: May 2021

With the weather warming up and the prevailing north wind, we are seeing range balls fly into the yards of the homeowners at the back of the range. The max yardage from the front of the range is 260 yards, so if you or any of your kids can fly it 260 yards or further, please refrain from hitting drivers until the tees reach the middle or back of the tee. The homeowners are getting pelted with range balls from our longer hitters, and very soon you’ll see a maximum yardage on the range tee. For their safety, please pay close attention to the maximum yardage.

With the increase in play and in an effort to maximize the tee sheet, we will be going to nine-minute tee time intervals in the coming week. The interval change in the early morning now gives us and additional 9 tee times, allowing another 36 members to enjoy the golf course on a daily basis. These changes still are sensitive to course compaction and speed of play, and won’t be adjusted further. That said, it’s critical that all groups on the golf course are aware of their position in relation to the group in front of them. Please don’t wait until your group is behind to try and catch up, pace of play awareness begins on the first tee while you are still in position.

Lastly, the MGA and LGA have set the parameters with regards to Men’s and Ladies Day at the club. Wednesdays are reserved for women for the first four hours of tee times, OR until 12:00 once the tee times begin earlier than 8:00 am. The ladies also will have a small block of tee times in the late afternoon reserved for those that are working in the mornings. Thursday’s are restricted until 3:00 pm for Men’s Day. These restrictions do not apply to those taking instruction from any of the Club’s teaching professionals.  Please take note of the club’s policy and plan your day accordingly.

Happy Golfing!!

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