LGA: April 2021

The LGA Board has been busy. During January and February Patty Wiseman, the 9-hole golf governor, worked with Susanna Ross to develop a survey. I am sharing Patty’s summary:

“The LGA conducted a survey of all BGC women members during the month of March with the goal of making the golf experience at BGC even better in 2021. The response was truly inspiring with a 50% plus return rate! We learned a great deal because of all the great input. This has allowed us to provide feedback to club management on important issues and has allowed the LGA board to use the input to continue great programs and revise others. For example:

  • Of the 42 ladies who played in the 18-hole mix and mingle last season, 95% of them want it to continue, so it will be back for 2021!
  • Many of our ladies indicated a desire to have a more formal Ladies Day afternoon program so those who work can participate. We have set that up for 2021.

The list goes on with details the LGA will use into the future. Though we cannot make every respondent perfectly happy (one of our respondents wanted us to make her younger!) we are doing our best to listen and act!”

I thank Patty for her diligence in constructing the survey with Susanna Ross and working to make the results available. The LGA Board members, along with some other helpers, are holding two orientation sessions for new women golf members on March 31 and April 1.
Thanks to Phyllis Wallace, Beth Whitney, and Janet Seekins, who worked on developing a “New Member Handbook” to be on line soon and then decided to organize a “meet and greet” for those new members and give them lots of information. Great job!

Thanks, also, to Debbi Smith, Joanne Christensen, Patty Wiseman, and Janice Murrell for the important work they do as Golf Governors, preparing the Wednesday game schedule and outlining LGA Board direction to communicate to our members.
With the support of the Golf Professionals and our administrative team, I am looking forward with great anticipation to this 2021 golf season. Stay tuned for more information.

Nancy Eldredge, LGA President

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