GM: April 2021

April begins perfectly, The Masters, flowers, good weather and a return to fun! This year is a special one. Our club is full and we have many upgrades going in. We’ll make several changes to the tee sheet to open up times, going to 9-minute increments in May and in June, we’ll begin tee times at 7 am.

Another change we have made this year is to go to full schedule dining in May. In years past, we have waited until June, but with a full membership, we’ll go to 6 days starting the first week of May.

I thought it would be important to show our organization department heads and who is in charge of each area and how and who to contact. We have so many new members, we’ll continue to push information out to everyone as we progress.

Karen Goodman: CFO, Billing, AR/AP, HR, 541-322-5761

Christie Henson: F & B Director: banquets, scheduling, training and supervision 541-322-5776

Darrin Hauser – Executive chef- All F and B Execution of food preparations and delivery 541-322-5777

Monte Hanson- Golf Operations all facets- 541-322-5770

Margaret Collier- Athletics Director- Tennis, Athletic, Pool, scheduling of kids functions outside of Junior Golf. 541-382-3261

Scott Moffenbeier- Golf Course Superintendent- 541-322- 5782

Erik Mettille- Membership Communications Support- Internet, Foretees, passwords, and communication 541-322-5779

We are full and ready to go! We now have a waiting list.

We are all here to enhance your experience here and make the club the best it can be. Thanks for all your support through the last few months.

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