Chef: April 2021

As I know everyone has noticed by now the grocery store is quite expensive. Not just for everyday consumers, but also for us chefs supposedly purchasing at wholesale.

The other day I spent nearly 10 minutes on my own at a local supermarket trying to figure how I wanted to feed my family in the steak category. After I believe it was 8-10 long minutes, I selected a choice grade flat iron steak to feed three to four people. For about $15 which is not all bad. I wanted another type of steak possibly a top sirloin or New York strip, or maybe even a rib eye but didn’t want to pay $30-$60 for the protein or even more on this particular evening.

There are multiple reasons why these prices are all so high, basically most of them related to COVID-19. A lot of the supply chains don’t have the personnel in their warehouses to keep up with the demand. I had one particular item on my menu that was out of stock for nearly 3 months. As a chef I have to be very proactive. I want all of you to know that I am doing everything in my part to keep our menu pricing stable, but at times you may see some increases. You have heard this before, as your executive chef I am always looking for deals not to compromise the quality of product ever and then pass on these values to you when I can.

The food and beverage department would like to say thank-you for supporting the restaurant both in take out and dining in.  A warm welcome for our new members and welcome back to the snow birds!

Executive Chef Darrin E. Hauser

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