President: Feb. 2021

There is a light at the end of the tunnel – I know I can see it off in the distance (and I’m just hoping it’s not a train charging straight for us!). I’m optimistic that we are moving towards the day of getting back to some form of normalcy, while trying to not get my hopes up too much for fear of disappointment. I don’t know if that is how any of you are feeling, but it sort of sums up where I’m at these days!! I will, however, choose to embrace positivity and look at this as movement in the right direction. By the time you are reading these, our indoor athletic facilities, including pool, tennis courts and simulator, will be re-opened, even if just a little bit. But hey, it’s a start!

In terms of news about the club, as the end of the current fiscal year approaches (March 31), that can only mean one thing — budget season and planning for the next year. The club will end the year in a strong financial position, largely due to the dramatic changes to operations brought about by COVID-19. The finance committee, department heads and the board are evaluating deferred maintenance items and capital requests brought forward by committees and members. There are so many great ideas, but we simply cannot do them all. However, expect to see some fun things in the coming year and, as always, the club is a work in process.

February is also a great time for Scott and his team to get some projects done out on the golf course. When you are lucky enough to get out and play on those nice wintery days, I’m sure you’ll notice some things. The course itself is always in a state of change and we will certainly see more of that next year.

I look forward to expanded re-opening of our club, our businesses, our city, our school … well, you get the point. Until then, stay healthy and enjoy each day!

Tami MacLeod
President, BGC Board of Directors

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