LGA – Feb. 2021

I achieved a personal annual goal to play golf at Bend Country Club in January on the 14th. Eighteen holes on regular greens in temperatures of almost 50 degrees. Not optimal, but incredible when you think about it. Thank you to Mr. Moffenbeier and his crew!

This month’s article covers the following tournaments:

  • August 4 and 11: The Member/Member tournament. Consecutive Wednesday play with one day Best Ball, and one day Eclectic. Your partner must have a handicap index within 10 strokes of yours. Ask your favorite playing partner early! Or let the organizers know that you do not know who to ask, and you will get help.
  • August 21-22: Club Championship. Multiple flights for this important tournament will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event. The Championship flight, which is limited to the lower handicappers, competes for the coveted reserved parking spot! Other flights include gross and net awards and are organized by age and nine or eighteen holes.

These two tournaments require no entry fee currently.  Your $50 LGA dues covers that.


  • Volunteers! Bend Golf Club is Our Club! The Ladies Golf Association is Our Association! Volunteering for tasks, tournaments, committees, and boards is highly regarded. The benefit is the feeling of being part of a great community of fellow golfers.
  • Birdies and chip-ins will be counted on any tournament sponsored by the LGA, not just on Wednesdays. At the end of the season players with the most of each category win sweeps.
  • Winter months activities for those of us NOT in the Southland may include doing some exercises to maintain strength and flexibility. Watch an LPGA event, such as a replay of Jessica Korda’s 3rd round last Saturday, Jan. 23. You might also brush up on the Rules of Golf so that you know what to do when your ball lands in a bad spot. If you have not already familiarized yourself with the OGA, www.oga.org, look for it. It is a good place to find information about rules and getting started on the game. OGA membership is yours once you have paid your yearly handicap fee.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Vaccination Day, please!
Nancy Eldredge
LGA President

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