MGA: Jan. 2021

Happy New Year from the MGA!

The Men’s Golf Association welcomes you to a safe and healthy New Year.

The BGC board of directors has accepted our proposed 2021 tournament schedule (which we shared with you in last month’s Tradition). We look forward to having Monte Hanson review and provide his input to the schedule.

Important USGA/GHIN Announcement

On Jan. 11, all active OGA members will receive an email request to set up a digital profile in the GHIN system.  However, if you and your spouse share the same email in GHIN, you both will be rejected and will not receive this digital profile request.

Please use the following instructions to check your GHIN email of record and compare with your spouse before Jan. 11:

Log into with your GHIN number and last name.

Scroll to the bottom of the home page, where you will see a set of links to “WHS Changes / FAQs / Contact Us / Privacy Policy / Terms of Service.”

Click on “Contact Us.” The first item will show your current email address of record. If you are satisfied with this email, you need not take any further action until USGA/GHIN emails you on Jan. 11. If you need to change your email address before Jan. 11, contact Larry Patterson and provide him with your new address, which must differ from that of your spouse. If your spouse needs to change her email address, she needs to contact Debbie Kerr.

If you do not receive any communication from USGA/GHIN by Jan. 19, try to access GHIN using your GHIN number and last name. If GHIN access no longer works then contact Larry Patterson.

Bill Ross
MGA President

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