LGA: Jan. 2021

The LGA Tournament schedule was approved by the club’s board of directors in December.  The four competitions I mentioned in the December Tradition article are scheduled as follows:

  • April 10: The Masters
  • June 14–16: Ladies Invitational
  • June 18: Nine Hole Multi Club Visitation
  • June 30: (At Juniper) Annual Silver Bowl

The July tournaments include:

  • July 14: One Day Member Guest. LGA members may invite non-members to this fun day. The formats are varied and interesting! There is an entry fee, which includes lunch.
  • July 28: The President’s Cup. This is an individual 18-hole “match” against par. A net birdie scores 1 point, net par is 0 points, and net bogey or worse scores -1.   The winner of the cup is the player with the highest point total. This event has no entry fee for LGA members.

I am including only tournaments in these articles. There are also flighted competitions each Wednesday from April (weather permitting) through October for both 18-hole and 9-hole golfers. These have formats such as “score from 100 yards to hole-out.” Or “score holes that begin with the letters O, N, E, or S.” Or “throw out one-hole score.” These competitions are like “mini tournaments” with payouts ranging from $3 to $7 in club credits. Not the big bucks but fun to try. The Wednesday games have no entry fees unless listed as a tournament.

I did not begin to (try) golf until I retired 16 years ago. I joined the LGA, but I was extremely nervous about playing with accomplished golfers. But, as one very long-time golfer told me, “Nancy, no one cares how bad you play.  Just keep up with our pace.”

The annual dues for LGA membership cover a lot of events; in a non-COVID-19 year, the LGA sponsors weekly Wednesday play for no extra charge. And if an LGA member gets that coveted hole in one during her round, the LGA pays for moderately priced drinks for other LGA members that day. (I will cover the Hole in One policy and procedure later in 2021.) Other events such as spring and Christmas luncheons and Halloween fun are on our schedule for a reasonable price. It is a bargain and a great way to meet and play with other women!

ATTENTION: The handicap system (GHIN) requires each participating golfer to have a unique email address to improve security.  If you share your email address with another participating golfer, you must change it before January 19, 2021, then notify Debbie Kerr, our handicap committee representative, at dkerr90@aol.com.  If it is not changed, GHIN will remove both participating golfers from handicap maintenance.

Happy New Year to all!
Nancy Eldredge, LGA President

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2 thoughts on “LGA: Jan. 2021

  • January 6, 2021 at 4:52 pm

    Good article Nancy. Once again thankyou for taking on yet another job at BGC

  • January 7, 2021 at 8:50 am

    Thank you for your continued service to the LGA and BGC. It’s assuring to know you’re taking care of business on behalf of all the ladies who enjoy golf at BGC. I appreciate your time and dedication. Happy New Year to you and Ron.
    Sincerely, Barb Gahr


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