LGA: December 2020

The Ladies Golf Association is planning for next year! We are taking the attitude of optimism; Covid19 does not scare these women. Start the anticipation! Spend some time in the simulator.

The schedule of golf events has been submitted, along with that of the MGA, to the board of directors. We are ready to begin the process of planning tournaments once this is approved.

These are the first 4 tournaments on our list, but please note that things might change!

  • April: The Masters tournament. This annual event, played in conjunction with the MGA, includes a “team” of two — you and a PGA golfer who is entered in that event on that weekend. There is an entry fee. We may be wearing three layers, but it is fun!
  • June: The Ladies Invitational. This long-standing individual stroke play tournament begins with a practice round, followed by 2 days of flighted competition. Do not assume you have to have a single-digit handicap! The entry fee includes luncheons and tee prizes. This tournament has net winners, too.
  • June: Our 9-hole flight ladies will host ladies from other local clubs in a fun tournament. These women know how to create a festive tournament. A small entry fee will cover prizes and food.
  • June: Our annual Silver Bowl competition: We compete against the ladies of Juniper Golf Club for the right to keep the Silver Bowl. The winning club will be the one whose member has the lowest net score. This competition will be held this year at Juniper. There is an entry fee.
  • I will confirm the dates for these four events later in December.

There is much more to come in 2021. If you have not yet joined the LGA, the annual cost is less than $50, and that includes free entry to many events, as well as Wednesday play at NO extra cost, with winners taking home club account credit.

Facts and figures for December: This past summer, beginning on July 1 and continuing through October, was the Mix and Mingle group for Wednesday Ladies Day. Several women discussed ways to create tee times and pairings so women could play with others they had not before. Susanna Ross wrote up a summary and submitted it to the LGA board. Great Idea!  New members, women who wanted to meet others, or women who were historically playing with the 9-hole players but wanted to begin playing with 18-hole players,were finding a fun way to get acquainted. Joanne Christensen took on the task of first signing up anyone who wanted to be a part of it (there were 54 of them), then asking each week who wanted to be paired that week. An average of 23 LGA members played each week in the Mix and Mingle group. It included both low handicap and high handicap players; the range in handicaps (based on gold tees) was 6–40. Feedback indicates it was a success!

Nancy Eldredge
LGA President

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