GM: December 2020

I am pleased to report that Drew is on the mend. As the numbers rise in the county, we all need to continue to be safe — keep distancing and mask up. I’m thankful that this wasn’t in the summer and that no one in the golf shop got it.

We look forward to Monte’s arrival from San Diego. He is a consummate professional and I know we will be in great shape in the years to come. He began as an MSA, then assistant professional, then the last 20 years as a head golf professional in San Diego. As we get firm dates and we are allowed to gather, we’ll have a fun meet and greet night when Monte arrives in January.

We can all look at 2020 and remember what we went through and what we accomplished. Adversity reveals character and I wouldn’t trade our operations team for any other. Our golf course was as pristine as always even with the increase of 10,000 rounds.

Scott made several adjustments for what we could and could not do. Flagsticks with hooks to raise the cups, finally rakes in the bunkers when we were confident it was okay to simply play golf and a course that was the envy of the golf community.

We constantly cleaned and prepared of our carts for safety. We held tournaments, albeit with tee times and built in starters to our operations. We have a new technical assistant, Mike Chappell, and of course a full-time teacher in Tam Bronkey.

We cordoned off our athletic areas to make them safe and went through the delays of getting heating parts from the COVID backorders from the heating companies, but we still had our facilities compliant and safe for everyone. Margaret worked in the pro shop, washing courts, doing whatever we needed.

Our dining team did another bang up job and although we had fewer staff members, they all worked very hard and Darrin performed extremely well. We had one of the biggest years in Mulligans and Christie wore every hat available to make it work.

From a financial perspective, we performed very well. We have had a record year for new members and our new member count won’t be over until March 31. All of it due to our reputation and with zero marketing. Our course and the friendliness of our membership makes the choice easy. Bend Golf Club is where you need to be.

And last, all of you understood and made it work. It was tough at times to get tee times, tournaments we didn’t have, restrictions we needed to adapt to and flexibility that was required. We can all look back at the difficult environment we had to deal with, but know that we did it together.

Thanks to you all.

Jeff Keller,
BGC General Manager

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