2020: What A Year

Dear Fellow Members of Bend Golf Club,

If you have been grateful for your club this year …

Grateful for the opportunity to play golf, tennis & pickle ball, swim, work out, have a drink or delicious meal with your friends and family when so many others have had such a rough time this year …

NOW is the time to show your appreciation for our amazing staff that has kept our club open and available to us as an oasis in this storm that has been 2020.

Did you know?

  • We played 26,000 rounds of golf through the end of October (up from 15,500 last year)
  • We never closed the club. True, the clubhouse itself and the athletic center were closed for two months in the spring (and just closed again, hopefully briefly) due to the state mandate, but the golf course has been open every day (except for those smoke days—yikes!)
  • We offered takeout from the dining room right from the start of the pandemic (and will be starting that up again this week) not only to help keep our employees on the payroll, but to provide a service to our members during a time when most everything else was shut down.
  • We opened the athletic center and the clubhouse as soon as we were allowed to and have kept those facilities open and available to our members every day since (until this most recent “freeze”)

All of this didn’t happen by magic—our incredible staff has worked hard in ways they never imagined to pull this off. And they will continue to do so as we move into 2021 (which will hopefully be so much better in so many ways than this year!).

Every year, we ask our members to contribute to the Employee Christmas Fund. The funds collected are distributed to full-time employees, returning seasonal employees and department heads. The amount distributed to each employee is based on hours worked over the previous 24 months.

This year, we are asking you to consider contributing in a way that shows your extra appreciation for their extra efforts in this extraordinary year. The average amount collected in the past two years was about $13,500. Your Board has set a goal of $20,000 for this year—let’s beat that! Just click on this link kareng@bendgolfclub.com to send an email to Karen Goodman, our CFO, and let her know how much you’d like to contribute. She’ll then put it on your monthly bill. Easy!

Thank you for your consideration,
Your Board of Directors

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