Chef: Nov. 2020

Over the past few weeks a few lucky members tried a sample of our house bacon brittle ice cream and they loved it! It is house-made vanilla bean ice cream with a bacon brittle crunch, both mixed in and garnished on top. This will be added to our existing dessert menu. The flavor profile is very similar to the salted caramel craze that seems to be all over the marketplace.

We also featured a “ beast burger “ as a special of the week and also received some good feedback. It is composed of equal portions of bison, wild boar, elk and wagyu beef. After sampling this myself, Sous Chef Denver Lee added a smoked bacon tomato jam on top. This really rounded out the flavor profile.

Speaking as your executive chef representing the whole kitchen crew, we are really enjoying creating new items for your dining experience. The club has given me this platform to create some culinary magic and I can’t thank you enough.

Darrin Hauser
Executive Chef

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