MGA: Oct. 2020

We’re starting to get a slight feeling of fall in the air of late. Hard to believe our summer is over and we’re approaching our winter months.

Regardless, the men of the MGA showed up in strength this past week and 102 players participated in our Alternate Member-Member Tournament. The tournament committee led by Lindsay Wallace and Mark Garcia did an exceptional job in developing a fun, yet challenging, format which consisted of four different formats played over nine holes each. Starting Thursday, Sept. 24, each two-man team played a Chapman format for 9 holes followed by a scramble for the last 9 holes. The second day of the tournament, Saturday, Sept. 26, the teams started with a Best-Ball format for the first nine holes, followed by a Chapman format for the last nine holes.

Scott and his staff again had the course in nothing less than pristine condition, and the greens were without equal yet played a little quicker with each tournament day. Fair? Yes. Difficult? Very. Appreciated? You bet! Thanks to Scott and his staff for again confirming that Bend Golf Club is the most challenging and best golf course in Central Oregon.

Jim Bradbury and Eric Sultzer blitzed the course and were the overall gross champions, shooting a 134 for this 36-hole tournament. Earl Seekins and his partner Jim Noel played exceptional golf and walked away net champions.

Other winners by flight included:


1st Gross:  Jed Keener/Joel Rychard

1st Net:  Michael Bliss/John Pinca


1st Gross:  Brandon Kearney/Dick Kearney

1st Net:  Mark Garcia/Scott Hakala


1st Gross:  Tom Dunderdale/Doug Rude

1st Net:  Paul Panico/Bill Rich

I want to bring your attention the noteworthy and singular efforts of one of our board members, Kevin Freihoefer. Kevin, who also serves as our board treasurer, proposed the MGA board host a special raffle on the second day of our tournament. Of the 302 members we carry on the MGA roll, 10 names were drawn and each received $100 worth of credit for purchase of any items within the golf shop.

Kevin then offered each winner another option on how they could spend their $100. That is, if they donated their $100 towards the BGC Junior Golf Program he would match their donations up to $500. I can’t give you the final results of this initiative since it’s still being worked, but I just wanted to share with you how thoughtful and considerate one of MGA members and board officers was in pursuing and working this event. This is Kevin’s last year on the board and I for one can’t tell you how fortunate we’ve been to have had him serve as or treasurer and fellow board member. Thank you, Kevin, for all you’ve do for this board and club!!

With our MGA tournament schedule being completed this month the MGA board has focused its attention on five major end-of-year activities:

  1. Getting a firm date established and published for next year’s 2021 Mirror Pond Invitational golf tournament;
  2. Working actions required to support the election of next year’s MGA board members;
  3. Informing the MGA membership of our cancellation of this year’s Annual Fall Banquet scheduled for Oct. 15.  The COVID-19 pandemic mandates placed upon us by the state just doesn’t make it feasible for us to even consider holding this event since we can accommodate the number of participates that would attend. Therefore, the board is working with our GM on developing alternative means for holding a “like” event in early spring for our MGA membership;
  4. With new MGA board elections upcoming, this year’s board officers are updating their turnover files; and
  5. Preparing for our end of year audit of MGA financial records.

We have been very successful garnering support from our MGA membership and have nine members who have stepped forward and volunteered to run as candidate for the vacated six positions on next year’s MGA Board of Directors. Here is the present list of candidates:  Lindsay Wallace, Garry Mode, Jed Keener, John Pfeiffer, Jim Noel, David Johnston, Bill Ross, Randy Crossley. An online ballot is currently running. Let me know if you haven’t seen the email inviting you to vote.

Lastly, the BGC selection committee is busily working to find a new head golf pro. The committee is meeting weekly and it is our hope that they are very successful in their venture to find a “diamond in the rough” who will be a perfect fit for Bend Golf Club.  Difficult task, needless to say, but they are working hard to achieve their goal of hiring the best that is available.

Until next month, be safe and stay healthy.

Scott Hakala,
President, BGC MGA




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