Superintendent: Sept. 2020

First off, I would like to acknowledge my team, many of whom have put in extra hours and shifts to provide the great golf course conditions this summer. With no turnover, it has been a smooth season with labor and am proud of our accomplishments.

As many of you know, our canal water source was shut off Aug. 20 due to the Deschutes Basin Drought Declaration that began in mid-June. Low river flows combined with low storage levels forced Arnold Irrigation to stop the delivery of water to all customers. Thankfully, the club has a backup well that provides sufficient water for us to continue to irrigate the golf course. However, the well pump and motor have not been relied upon as the main water source since 1994, nor has anything been done with the pump since then. We do hope to have canal water for the last month of the irrigation season, starting up again sometime in mid-September and continuing until mid-October. The club plans on replacing the aging pump and motor during the off-season as we plan for continued water shortages.

As we roll into September, our focus turns to fall aerification and projects. Daily course preparation is still our number one priority, but we will also start several important fall practices. Thank you for your patience as we complete these while the weather still provides for quick recovery.

As staffing levels lower during the fall months, we ask for your help when it comes to course care. Your increased help with bunker, divot and ball mark repair will allow us to be more productive and efficient during the fall months. When it comes to divot repair, we would prefer the divot to be replaced if it has soil attached (do not add sand before replacing the divot). The
sand and seed mix should only be used if the divot falls apart and is not worth replacing. Thank you in advance for your help and attention.

We appreciate your support and will see you on the course!
Scott Moffenbeier

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