MGA: Sept. 2020

Wow, it’s hard to imagine that August has come and gone. It was truly a busy time continuing to comply with state mandates to combat the Coronavirus, yet a very productive month for our MGA golfers having completed both the Mirror Pond Invitational and our MGA/LGA Club Championship golf tournaments.

Mirror Pond Invitational

Eighty-eight golfers braved COVID-19 concerns and participated the 66th Annual Mirror Pond Invitational. As always, Moff and his maintenance staff had the course in unbelievably pristine condition. You could hear the buzz around the course as our visiting participants completed their practice round, saying, “Haven’t played on greens this good and true for years!”; “Best greens in Oregon!”; and “Word of caution, don’t leave your ball above the pin!”

All had nothing but laudatory remarks about how the course was set up and maintained. Again, another special job well done to Moff and his staff.

After two days of intense competition, Daniel Snoey from Vancouver was a repeat winner and won low gross honors with a score of 145. However, four of our own golfers finished in the top five for low gross honors with Spencer Sanvitale coming in 2nd at 146, Eric Sultzer in a tie for 3rd place at 147, and Tim Cecil and Ryan Crownover tying for 4th place with a score of 148, A terrific showing by our own superb corps of golfers. We also had numerous BGC MGA golfers also perform exceptionally well in other divisions, such as:

  • Charlie Rice, 1st Place, Senior Division Low Gross Honors – 150
  • Tom Oller, T2, Senior Division Low Gross Honors – 159
  • Eric Sultzer, 1st Place, Low Net Honors – 139, Open Division
  • Jim Rodgers, T2, Low Net Honors – 148, Super Seniors Division

Many other MGA members who participated in this tournament performed exceptionally well. For additional BGC MGA player results, visit the tournament page.

Club Championship

Just ten days after the Mirror Pond came the Club Championship and three days of highly competitive golf (two days for the Legends Flight).

Ryan Crownover was again crowned overall low gross winner with a 3-day total of 208 — six strokes better than when he won this tournament in 2019! Congratulations, Ryan!

Joel Rychard and Clare Langford performed admirably, finishing in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, shooting 217 and 219.

Other notable winners by flight were:

  • Kevin Riley, 1st Place, Low Net Honors, MGA Championship Flight – 3-day total = 207
  • Andy West, 1st Place, Low Gross Honors, Open Flight – 3-day total = 230
  • Vince Price, 1st Place, Low Gross Honors, Seniors Flight – 3-day total = 227
  • Craig Braje, 1st Place, Low Gross Honors, Super Seniors Flight – 3-day total = 225
  • Joe Murphy, 1st Place, Low Gross Honors, Legends Flight – 2-day total = 155

For more results, see the 2020 MGA Club Championship Results.

The MGA 2020 Board of Directors Elections are coming up shortly. We are in dire need of support since we have to replace six of our directors. We’ve been hit with injuries and resignations, so we truly need some of you gentlemen to step forward and help. If you want to participate and support your MGA on the Board of Directors, please send our secretary, Doug Rude, an e-mail ( as soon as possible. We’ll be publishing more information on this year’s election process in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to spend an inordinate amount of time with our golf shop staff when they were preparing and setting up for the Club Championship. Mornings started at 0600 (military time) and ending around 2130 (9:30 p.m.) or later Monday through Sunday. Needless to say, Emily and her staff worked tirelessly to get ready for both of our Club Championship tournaments. I wish all our golf members could spend just a half of a day in the golf shop in order to get a better appreciation for the amount of work they accomplish. My hats off to Emily and her staff for their hard work and efforts to support our membership. Thank you!!

We’ll be publishing and advertising the Alternate Member-Member in September, which is a replacement tourney for the canceled Member-Guest. The BGC tournament committee has been tinkering with some great ideas for what formats we’ll play for this two-day tournament. Stay tuned!

Scott Hakala
MGA President

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