GM: Sept. 2020

Emily’s departure is a big loss. She and her team did an admirable job in a very difficult environment and trying conditions. I appreciate her professionalism and leadership. While we have said it before, we have literally had 8,000 rounds more year to date this year than last. The demand on the pro shop and staff has been unprecedented and she managed it very well. We are going to miss her.

Emily’s last day is Sept. 14, but she will be available to assist if need be. Her departure is due to a change in personal priorities and she will need to focus on her health. We will form a hiring committee for the next Head Golf Professional and will post the position on the PGA website for internal and external options. We will keep everyone in the loop as we move forward.

On the upside, and thanks in no small part to Emily, outside services is the best I’ve seen it in my five years here. Our Director of Player Development, Tam Bronkey, has kept very busy with Operation 36 and many individuals and groups working on their games.

The Club Championships went well, and we congratulate everyone on the strong play and participation. Congratulations to gross champions Ryan Crownover, who shot 8 under par over three days, and Amy Anderson, who took low honors for the ladies. We have such a strong group of golfers right now. The best players in Central Oregon play here.

We are pleased to have the pool back in order. As many of you have experienced, the manufacturing and delivery of parts has taken a big hit with COVID. We were significantly delayed, and for that, we appreciate your patience.

President John Collins has mentioned the tensions that seem to have risen this year with COVID. In the past few months, each of us have had conversations about it around the club and in the various committees. Put simply, we need to respect each other, members and employees alike. Our operational team is here to serve and help you, but I have witnessed a few incidents that have been out of line. Moving forward, disrespectful or antagonistic behavior will be addressed formally through our complaint process. Our club is meant to be a place of joy and fun, so let’s all do our part to keep it that way.

Under the “Member Central” link on the website are Current Rules and Regulations. Rule 2 under General Regulations states, “IN NO CASE SHALL AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CLUB BE REPRIMANDED DIRECTLY BY ANY MEMBER unless explicitly directed to do so by the Board of Directors.” True Character reveals itself in times of adversity, so let’s put our best foot forward.

Jeff Keller
General Manager

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