Chef: Sept. 2020

This summer, your culinary team has been having a lot of fun preparing some new specials to entertain all of your palates. We brought back the petite filet a la Oscar and sold out two nights in a row. Last year, I ran duck breast as a special and only sold about six orders. As you can imagine I was hesitant to bring it back. Wel,l I decided to do so and sold 32 orders in one week with  great feedback. This goes to show that just because something may not sell prior doesn’t mean that it won’t sell in the future.

This summer, most of our salmon in the restaurant has been wild. Thanks to Christie Henson’s husband, Josh, we have had some very fresh coho salmon. Lastly, we will be restarting our prime rib Saturdays every week as long as the price and product supply remains stable. Thanks for all of your support!

Your Chef,
Darrin Hauser

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