MGA: August 2020

Wow, the challenges that are confronting us today are staggering. COVID-19 incident emergence in Deschutes County is surging; hot weather is here and only getting hotter by the day; Deschutes County is currently under drought conditions with little or no relief expected for weeks; and the club has already exceeded 16,000 rounds of golf played this year. Couple all these issues and concerns with the fact that we’re just starting our MGA tournament season is truly taxing and challenging for our course maintenance staff!

However, as we’ve come to expect, these challenges haven’t affected Moff and his crew for doing everything possible to ensure our venue is in the best possible shape for our upcoming tournaments and daily play. The tournament committee, under the leadership of our head pro, have superbly planned for our upcoming Member-Member Golf Tournament scheduled for July 24–25, with our Par 3 Contest scheduled for July 23. A great turnout is expected, and needless to say, emphasis in the planning for this event has focused on ensuring the execution of tournament events and operations comply with state-mandated COVID-19 risk mitigation safety requirements.

Additionally, the tournament committee continues to plan for the 66th Annual Mirror Pond Invitational in early August. Your MGA Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion to restore a previously deleted budget line item costing profile at the July 15 board meeting. This line item restored a $600 budget item for the “OGA Team Championship” being held at Sunriver this summer. In light of the ever-increasing number of talented golfers that are members of our club, it was determined that we need to support events that showcase the talents and caliber of golfers we have at our club. Good luck, gentlemen!

Match play continues to progress. As of this writing, we have now completed the third round of play and are scheduled to meet the established suspense date for completion of this event. Under the superb chairmanship of Jim Wellock, matches are being completed on time, have been competitive and enjoyed by all (or almost all). Of special note, the field that is participating in this year’s MGA Match Play competitions is the largest since the mid-70s. Jim, on behalf of the board, I want to extend a hearty “well-done” to you for taking on this responsibility, and seeing it through to an expected successful completion. Not an easy task in light of various roadblocks you had to negotiate. Thank you for your efforts and professionalism, my friend!!

Thursday Men’s Day games are back on track after a short hiatus. I’ve been working with Drew Scrivner on this effort with the intent to get the word out to our membership about the weekly game specifics and then get the game results out to the participants within the following week. No longer are we to wait 2–3 weeks to get the results published. The participants deserve better! We are always open to suggestions from the MGA membership, so if you would like us to have a schedule a game of your choice, please notify myself at or Drew Scrivner at Thank you.

I can confidently say I truly don’t know what our situation will be in the months to come. However, I have noticed folks seem to be a little more callous, more uptight, have a shorter fuse than normal, and are a little less tolerant of issues they would normally not think twice about. This should be a time when we rally as one and be supportive of each other, versus taking a position of criticism and negativism. Just my two cents worth, gentlemen and other club readers. Take it for what it’s worth.

I want to extend my compliments to Emily and her staff for the superb job they have done in the education and training of our young MSA staff. These young men and women are wonderful! Courteous, dedicated, and always exhibiting a professional acumen in the performance of their daily tasks, it goes without saying that we are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful young folks in our midst. Take the time to thank these young folks either verbally or through the tip system, or both.

Enough for this month. I’ll have all the Member-Member and Mirror Pond Invitational news in next month’s Tradition. Here’s wishing everyone good health!

Scott Hakala
BGC MGA President

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