GM: August 2020

We are now at 16,000 rounds compared to 9,600 YTD last year. August is one of our biggest tournament months. Mirror Pond, Ladies Member-Member, and the Club Championship is right around the corner. We thank Emily and Scott’s teams, who have given us a great summer playground, amidst everything going on.

One of the important things is to remember is that we are all a bit on edge until we have a vaccine, this is our new normal. Let us work together to respect each other, the need to be masked, and the distance needed to keep safe. The team has done a great job ensuring that we are washing the surfaces, masked and ready to service our membership.

How are we doing? Since we started our fiscal year in April, we have been short in revenues for banquets, food and beverage, golf revenues, outside play, tournament revenues, and  merchandise. We have made several adjustments, and while we are under significantly in revenue, our expenses have been reduced more, balancing our budget.

Emily and the pro shop are open with all the new lines and clothes. We want you to feel welcomed to come in and shop. The last few months have been tough, but we can now shop in a regular fashion. Masked, but shopping.

Due to one of our special members, we now have new chairs on the deck. These will last several years, and we will be able to replace the pads as we go and keep them in good shape.

Stay flexible and stay safe. We will continue to enjoy the tremendous venue we have and all the amenities. Be safe and enjoy the club. Jointly, we can get through this.

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