Chef: August 2020


You may or may not ask yourself, why are reservations important? With COVID-19 running rampant in our lives, you may have noticed that it is very hard at times to get a seat downtown if you do not have a reservation. In some cases they may turn you away.

Private golf clubs do differ a bit because we have a steady flow of our members coming into the restaurant, usually after their round of golf and in some cases prior to their tee time. We understand that plans change, but reservations really help everyone out. While we do have a spacious facility, it does actually fill up in a hurry, especially with the social distancing guidelines in place during peak times, particularly 6–7:30 p.m.

Here are a few reasons why reservations are important, especially when it comes to large parties or special dinner nights.

  • Allows the restaurant to prepare for your arrival and have your table ready
  • If reservations are heavy, when applicable more staff will be at the ready, instead of just assuming we will be busy. This just adds to the labor dollars.
  • The more reservations, the chef will have a better idea on how much food to purchase and also to prepare for that day. Less waste equals better profitability.

On a final note, we are committed in the food and beverage department to provide you the best possible experience for yourselves and your guests. We have a great reputation of awesome golf with great food and service. Thanks for all of your support!

– Chef Darrin

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