LGA: July 2020

Our summer schedule is going strong. We played our first “mixer” last Wednesday. Tee times were required (no shotguns will be played this year), but we still had great participation. We held our first general meeting at 3 p.m. the same day. I know, weird time, but about 30 women attended. We got updated by Scott Moffenbeier, Jeff Keller, and Emily Anderson about COVID-19 Phase 2, restrictions and how they effect the club, and golf at BGC. The staff is doing a super job of following the necessary guidelines while providing us with nonstop golfing opportunities. The LGA sends a big thank you their way!
We also announced a Martha Weaver Memorial Fund for plants to beautify the course in Martha’s name. If you would like to add $5-$10 to the kitty,  please place a check in an envelope and drop it in the LGA box just left of the BGC business office. We will inform you all when Scott decides where and what to plant.
We have implemented a new playing option on Wednesdays called Mix and Mingle. Thanks to several women, headed up by Susanna Ross, they organized a block of tee times for each Wednesday morning to be randomly paired with other LGA members. This is a great way to get out of our routine  and get to know other women in our LGA. Please join in!
Please let me know if you know of anyone having trouble receiving the LGA emails. We would like to make it easy to keep everyone informed.
Upcoming LGA events and tournaments:
  • Presidents Cup  –  July 29
  • Afternoon General LGA Meeting –  July 29
  • LGA Member- Member tournament – August 10 (Monday) and August 12(Wednesday).
  • Club Championship   –  August 22–23 ( Flighted)
  • Corona Classic (a.k.a. Pinecone Classic)  September 11 (one day)
Watch for information and sign up on Foretees.
Karen Stanard, LGA President
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