GM: July 2020

Put simply, none of us have experienced anything like this. We appreciate everyone being diligent following the rules to be safe and open. The need is heightened, as we have an uptick in cases throughout the area. We also must continue to guard expectations. There are things that we simply cannot do, such as shotgun starts or gathering. This year is just going to be different, especially with tournaments.

We have had more than 13,000 rounds YTD and we are averaging 4,000 a month now that summer is here. Scott and Emily have both done a great job with the course and managing the traffic. The starters have helped create gaps on the tee sheet so we do not have the congestion that we have had in the past. Tam is a great new addition to improve your game and Mike is doing a great job with repairs and custom work on golf clubs. This is the strongest team we have had since I have been here, and I am happy to see the quality of personnel Emily has hired.

The good news is that our golf course is in the best shape we have had it in years. Taking down the trees left of 3 and behind 7 improved our course conditions dramatically and Scott has done a great job as usual. The new addition to the range is now open. With the distancing needs, we are pleased to be able to add more spots.

We cut more than $162k out of our expenses in April and May. $70k was out of F & B and the other departments did the rest, not knowing the effect of the virus long term. The effects on F & B, and banquets have been tough on our revenues, but everyone has stepped up their efforts and teamwork.

This is a trying time to say the least. Everyone’s tension and anxiety are higher, but we have a great club, great people, and a wonderful place to enjoy and so many ways to enjoy it. Get out there and enjoy this weather!

Jeff Keller,
General Manager

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