President: June 2020

We continue to embrace change as we operate in a pandemic environment. Our tradition has been to hold an Annual Meeting in June to review the prior year financials and to hear from the president, general manager, and standing committees. We needed to change the traditional meeting format given current social distancing guidelines and advise to avoid large indoor meetings. In lieu of a large gathering at the club, we will be sending members a written annual report to include the 2019-20 financials and select reports. If you have questions after reviewing the material, please direct them to our general manager, Jeff Keller. We will work on a collective Q&A document to send to all members.

Later in the year when restriction are lifted and members are comfortable gathering we can arrange an informal town-hall style meeting to field questions and share more information about the direction of the club.

I apologize to those who were hoping for streaming video presentations or a Zoom style meeting. You can expect to receive an annual report in late June.

John Collins
BGC Board President

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