LGA: June 2020

We have had a successful start to our 2020 LGA weekly play. Thank you all for being committed to complying with the state restrictions needed to keep us as safe as possible. Great job! I would like us all to take time to thank our BGC staff for being so calm and diligent during all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. They truly deserve a huge thank you.

In addition to our weekly play, we have begun a match play tournament with 25 players. Thank you, Cindi Eielson, for organizing this event. The first matches were played June 3. We all had to refresh our match-play scoring skills, but that was no problem, right?

We met with Emily last Tuesday to discuss the 2020 event schedule for LGA tournaments. We are expecting to be in Phase 2 of our state’s re-opening schedule on June 5. That means gatherings of 50 people indoors, and 100 people outdoors, are now allowed. Still no shotgun starts, but more possibilities for some kind of lunch gatherings. We still need to practice social distancing and wear masks as much as possible. Be safe for yourself and others.

Our 2020 events will be different in many ways, but they will still be fun for the whole LGA. Here are the scheduled 9/18 hole events for 2020:

  • President’s Cup July 29 Member-Member August 10 & 12 (may be shortened to a 1 day
  • Club Championship August 22–23 ( flighted)
  • Pinecone Classic, September 11 (format to be determined)

Nothing will stop us from trying to have the best year ever. There will be many opportunities for each of you to help. The more ladies that volunteer the easier the work, and the better the outcome. Let’s GO!

If you haven’t already, please read the emails sent out with address “YourGolfShop@ForeTees” on May 24 and 31. They explain further what is planned for this LGA year and the weekly game plans.

Karen Stanard, LGA President

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