Chef: June 2020

Every other day it seems the news and social media are saturated with stories about another meat plant outbreak, etc. We all have witnessed the various empty shelves in our every day grocery stores, hobby stores, and just about any store in one form or another. Of course, this also affects the club. As your executive chef I am trying to do my best to keep our shelves stocked. You may notice that some of our specials on a regular basis are only brought back once or twice per month, because of availability of product and also the price of the particular item. Some items might also be thin in Mulligans. As production increases eventually and pricing seems to be leveling out a bit, you will see these items returning. Thanks for supporting your restaurant at the club and I look forward to phase 2 to see what it brings.

Executive Chef Darrin Hauser

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One thought on “Chef: June 2020

  • June 8, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    Chef, any chance you can round up some fresh Spring Chinook salmon? Also, we are always ready for that special Fish & Chips you do so well.


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