Golf Pro: May 2020

We start our mornings at the golf course with well over 150 players on the tee sheet. This usually fills to full capacity if the weather is at all decent.   Golf is one of the only outside activities available (thank goodness!) during this time of great sacrifice and trial, and we have aggressively provided more tee times and communication for our membership.  We are grateful to remain open and provide an outlet for our members.

Our tee time system opens at 7 a.m. for 7 days in advance and is completely online, meaning you can book via the ForeTees app on a mobile device or by logging in on a personal computer. Tee times are available to all members equally, and the availability is not blocked for any groups (which currently we do not reflect on paper because they are not allowed), tenure, or any discriminatory practice. Please know that 36 hours out from your tee time, any “X” in place of a name will disappear, giving other members full access to that tee time. At this point, with so many golfers we will be enforcing names on the tee sheet. If you show up without entering names and others have filled the spaces, that is who you are paired with! Put names in your tee time as “X” does not hold the space once you reach the 36-hour window. You will need to book tee times with names. If you are having issues, please email the staff at the shop but do not look for us to manipulate anyone’s times for “exceptions.” We can work magic on the tee box if you understand the patience involved and how we end up playing “human chess” when things go haywire under tee-time intervals. If you are having a problem, please let us help you. We sincerely want you to play, and will do what we can to get you out on the golf course.

We previously announced the cancellation of all gathering activities through June, including any internal tournaments, demo days, or other gatherings. All tournaments scheduled from July 1 and onward are under discussion by the Tournament Committee, LGA, and MGA. As soon as we have information, an email to our membership will be immediate.

With all the mandates on restricted gathering, restricted travel, and restricted access to restaurants and other basics, our future tournament activities are under discussion. We continue to plan and prepare for whatever the pandemic throws our way and adjust as much as we can! We are hoping to get back to our normal Ladies’ Day and Men’s Day scheduling if our mandates allow us to ease up on restrictions. Although this is not business as usual, we will do what we can to recreate the traditions BGC holds in high esteem.

The golf shop itself is still closed but you can be sure we open as soon as we are given the green light. In the interim, if you need supplies — golf balls, a golf glove (non-returnable once it is tried on), golf towels, socks, grips, or a special order — no problem. Just let us know by email what you need and we will have them ready on the first tee with the starter!

Check-in is with the starter on the tee and not in the golf shop, as the golf shop is closed.  The starter has direct communication with the staff, who then charge your account as needed for either guests, carts, or other goods.

Golf scores are currently postable as ruled by the USGA. You have a limited amount of practice rounds available, so please notify the starter if you are utilizing a practice round. If not, it should be posted and will be audited. Please post hole-by-hole if you can on the GHIN app, or on a personal computer. If you take a preferred relief drop in a sand trap, there is no penalty stroke. If you drop out of the sand, you add a penalty stroke. Please smooth the bunker surface with your foot or club as much as possible. There are many resources on the GHIN and USGA websites for this unique situation and how it affects golf.

Please know we are constantly monitoring and being monitored for COVID restriction compliance, and we are doing what we can to remain open, without fines, and without issues. Membership safety and health is our abiding concern and we do not take it lightly. Any requests we make are for the safety of our members as well as the staff. It is easy to think all is normal at such a great location, but please refrain from gathering as requested before.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to the restrictions lifting. It is during times like this that friends, family, and good habits are things to be grateful for. Especially essential is keeping tabs on our mental “house cleaning” and to stay positive during times of such diverse opinions, realities, and priorities. It also reiterates how deep the game of golf affects all of us. It is a very personal game; it is a true game of a lifetime. Imagine if golf had been shut down, or if we get shut down for something silly! This is where I am truly grateful for our members who have been with us through thick and thin. We are here to help you and to get you playing golf!

Emily Anderson
PGA Head Golf Professional

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