President: April 2020

(The following message was distributed via email on March 27, 2020. However, because of a technical error, some members did not receive it. We apologize for the error.)


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve and impacts Central Oregon, we want you to know that the management team, board, and others are making every effort to protect the health of our employees and members; offer the broadest allowable services; and be prepared to take steps if necessary to support survival of the operations and assets of the club.
BGC is a member-owned small business. While there may be some outside economic relief available, our success in navigating this unprecedented event will largely fall on the commitment and will of members. I recognize that we all process information and assess risk in different ways. While hopeful for a brief interruption, I suspect we will need a collective effort to get through this challenge. You should know that we are making every effort to keep pace with public health, industry best practices, and compliance with public-authority actions. Our management has open channels of communication with the Oregon Golf Association, PGA, Superintendents’ Association, Private Clubs GM network, Bend Chamber, local businesses, and public authorities. Legislative efforts at the federal and state levels are being followed in the event there is relief for small businesses and our impacted employees.

We intend to rely on General Manager Jeff Keller to communicate changes in club operations. PGA Head Golf Professional Emily Anderson will continue to use daily messages to update course conditions and changes that impact use of the golf course. There is too much uncertainty to speculate on the long-term impact, so our communication will focus on the near term.

We are trying to view club operations in increments of two weeks. The initial closure was through April 1 along with the mandatory closure of food and beverage through April 13. We were exploring opening tennis and pickleball with modifications after April 1, however, the emergency order of March 23 took away that option. We have responded to three emergency orders over eight days, so our second (two week) operating plan required modifications. Your management team and board are engaged and have worked through a number of “what if” scenarios. A small group is working on cash consumption and a rolling monthly operating budget. We will continue to discuss options to improve the member experience while supporting the effort to mitigate community spread.

We must all find new ways in this new reality to connect and care. The members of this club have always found a way to lend support. We have members exploring ways to support employees in need of assistance. Another member has offered assistance to vulnerable members with grocery shopping and errands. I applaud these members and will have them communicate their mission directly with members.

I would be happy to hear your comments. I won’t promise a personal reply, but will incorporate your comments in future discussions with management and the board. You should assume no change in club rules and processes unless notified otherwise. Thank you for your continued support of the Club during these extraordinary, challenging times.

Stay Healthy,
John Collins
Board President

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