MGA: April 2020

I’m truly at odds for where I want to go with this month’s article. I don’t want to belabor the COVID-19 dilemma that confronts us all at this trying time. Plus, I’m not confident that the golfing activities scheduled for the next couple of months are still in play. I trust the powers that be to set the path forward, whether it restricts us more or allows more flexibility. Only time will tell. In the interim, stay healthy, be safe, and take every measure you can to mitigate the spread of this highly contagious virus.

On a more positive note, your board will continue to coordinate upcoming tournament activities with Emily and her tournament committee. At present, and speaking for the MGA board only, we’ve put planning activities on hold until we have a better feel for where things are headed. As you know, we’ve cancelled this year’s “Bend Masters” golf tournament for obvious reasons. Our next scheduled event is the June 6th MGA/LGA Mixer. We’ve asked for volunteers from the MGA membership to help in the planning of this event, but with little success to date. We expected such based upon the COVID-19 situation. We’ll address this requirement again the first week of April. Please consider supporting this new event since we want it to be a fun and enjoyable tournament for all.

Your MGA board has received approval to oversee this year’s MGA Match Play. Focus for this year’s play will be to emphasize fair and equitable competition among all participants, and strict adherence by all participants for completing their matches on a weekly basis. This year’s event will start on one date and finish on a board-mandated date in the future. I realize illness, unforeseen events, or work commitments have been distractors in the past, but we have to take steps to keep it on track.

Either Head Golf Professional Emily Anderson or one of her assistants will determine the course of action for matches that have lapsed. Hopefully, we don’t have to exercise this option. Next week, I will recommend to the MGA Board that all matches be played on Thursdays, to include both the start and finish dates. I will assign two board members to oversee and execute this year’s match play, but I would also like to solicit support from our MGA membership in hopes that we can get at least two members to volunteer and help with this activity. If you have a vested interest in this golf event and would like to assist please notify me via e-mail at by Friday, April 10.

If you have concerns, questions, or items you would like your board to address, please forward them to our secretary, Doug Rude, at

Keep the faith, stay safe and healthy,
Scott Hakala
President, BGC Men’s Golf Association

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