LGA: April 2020

This is the time of year we are usually eager to start a new golf season at BGC. Instead, we are focused on the health of our families, friends, and ourselves due to COVID-19. With that in mind, the LGA’s organized weekly play games are being cancelled until further notice.

As you have read in Jeff Keller’s recent email to the BGC membership, we are still welcome to make tee times and play golf as long as we follow strict “social distancing” guidelines while on the course and in the parking lot. I know each of us will do this so we don’t jeopardize golf privileges for all.

No need to worry about posting your scores until after the course is playing normally (regular cups on the greens). You still have time to study up on the World Handicap system. Check out the OGA website for tutorials, or search YouTube. They both are helpful.

We send a warm welcome to eight new women golf members: Ginny Noel, Lori Marshall, Sung Dunn, Kara Smith, Sandy Ouellette, Patty Warwick-Williams, Michele Naumes, and Katherine Hall. We will to give you all a proper introduction once we are able to have our first LGA general meeting.

BGC also welcomes Tam Bronkey, our new Teaching golf pro. He is highly recommended by Emily Anderson. He is available for golf lessons now. Please call or email the Pro shop to set up an appointment.

I want to thank Leslie Satterfield for putting together the format, schedule of events and other details for the 55th BGC Ladies Invitational, currently scheduled for June 15–17, 2020. This early planning on her part allowed for tournament registration to be mailed and online by March 15. Great job! I am looking forward to a huge field. Sign up on Member Central, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’re able to have our event as scheduled!

You all probably know that one of our longtime LGA members, Martha Weaver, died in early March. She was such a fun, kind, and fiery lady. She will be missed. We will have a martini toast (her favorite after golf refreshment) to Martha later this summer.

Karen Stanard
LGA President

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