LGA: March 2020

Greeting Ladies ! I am confused. What month is this? Certainly not February. We are having record breaking weather and the BGC is open for play. I would bet those “Snowbirds” are very jealous.

The LGA welcomes several new members, Ginny Noel, Sung Dunn, Kara Smith, Katherine Hall, and Michele Naumes. We are very happy to have you join the LGA. Phyllis Wallace, LGA hospitality chair, is in need of mentors for our new members. Please give her a call to get all the info you need to make help orient our new members.

The LGA play schedule will be emailed to you very soon. Please start filling your calendar in with all our events, so you won’t miss any of the LGA action this year.

Leslie Satterfield has been very busy as the BGC tournament committee co-chair. She has also volunteered to chair the 2020 BGC Ladies Invitational. I’m so grateful for the amazing work she’s doing. I call on all LGA members to help make our tournaments the best they have ever been. Don’t be shy — we need everyone to be part of one or more of the tournaments this year. You don’t need to be an expert, just look at me. Email Leslie directly if you’d like to help!

We are still working to spruce up the ladies locker room. Nothing too wild and crazy, but hopefully a little more organized and fresh looking. Stay tuned.

We all have some homework to do over the next month. Please learn as much as you can about the World Handicap System. There were 3 good articles in the PNGA magazine that we all received 2 weeks ago. The USGA has a great overview with videos and articles. Our golf staff is also planning some seminars to help us understand it better, so please watch for details on that and make an effort to attend.

Karen Stanard
LGA President

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