President: February 2020

We end January with the news that the back nine is open for play on regular greens. With the Winterfest celebration still a few weeks away, enjoy golf while you can. I suspect this is just a weather tease and not the end of winter.

Nice to see a big turnout for the annual Crab Feast. Every table in the grill and dinning room were filled and a great job by Chef Darrin, Christie and crew for a nice event.

The current fiscal year ends March 31 and we are close to approving an operating budget for the next fiscal year beginning April 1. Thanks again for the effort of the finance committee, which worked with management to craft a plan for the coming year. Similar to the past few years, keeping pace with regional wage inflation and staffing to meet member service expectations will increase operating expenses. The 6% increase in minimum wage, along with regionally driven wages well above the minimum in some job categories, are also impacting many of the businesses we look to for services at the club.

We hope to continue addressing the deferred maintenance issues and other capital requests brought forward by committees and members. The number of good ideas and related cost is greater than what can be approved in a single budget year, so this effort will be continued over future budget cycles. More details to follow when the budget is approved at the end of February. With operating expenses rising, a member dues increase will be part of the budget approval.

We are getting very close to completion of the major projects undertaken as a consequence of the sale of properties. Once complete we will share an update on spending by project, funds set aside and unforeseen expenses.

Looking forward to spring …

John Collins
BGC Board of Directors

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