MGA: February 2020

It’s been a pretty busy month for our board from a planning perspective. We amended the MGA bylaws, revamped our committee structure, assisted our head pro as necessary to support the standup of our new BGC Tournament Committee, and made improvements to the MGA homepage, just to name a few.

Our Jan. 15 board meeting started off by informing our members that Kai Kuwata had tendered his resignation from the board. Since he just underwent knee surgery, he wants to focus his time and efforts on rehabilitating his knee. Kai will be sorely missed and we have a major task in front of us trying to find a replacement for him on our board. With that being said, if any MGA member would like to take his position on the board, please notify me ASAP! Thank you.

Specific items of near-term interest discussed at our board meeting, or approved were:

  1. Final draft of amended MGA bylaws completed and staffed to directors for final review/comment
  2. Board approved our 2020 MGA goals and objectives
  3. Emily Anderson, our head pro, informed the board that the 2020 BGC golf event schedule will be formally published and available online by the end of this month. This schedule will
    not only include the major MGA/LGA golf events for the golf year, but will also include the Thursday Men’s Day games. A significant enhancement to our weekly play this year is
    that we have included a MGA Men’s Day 4-Man Mixer with a A/B/C/D team configuration. Specific play dates/team compositions/format will be provided by the golf shop. More
    details will be forthcoming. We believe it’s a great way for our members to play with other golfers outside their normal golf groups. Please support this new event!

Of note, the revised MGA bylaws must now be approved by both the MGA membership and BGC board of directors before it becomes an official. Our MGA membership will receive notification later this month to electronically review and vote on these bylaws. Once approved by the MGA, it will be sent to the BGC BoD for their approval. Our target date for completing this effort is Feb. 19.

2020 MGA goals and objectives were established as follows:

  1. Increase the MGA membership in 2020 to a level of 275 members.
  2. Increase member participation in MGA events by five percent in 2020 as compared to 2019.
  3. Involve the MGA in promotion and build of the BGC Junior Golf Program including the Evans Scholarship initiative.
  4. Create and foster an environment of “continuous quality improvement” by the MGA Board to improve in all areas of MGA management, oversight, and execution on a Y/Y basis

Lastly, as we’ve mentioned previously, we will work to implement processes and procedures to improve the overall communications between our board and our members. Remember, the names of your board members can be found on the MGA Contacts page (login required), and you can contact any, or all of them, to give any input regarding any ideas and/or suggestions you have that will benefit our MGA.

Your ideas are always welcome. Our next MGA board meeting is Feb.19, 2020 so if you have an item you’d like presented or discussed please forward your discussion item to our secretary, Doug Rude. Thank you and let’s have an exciting, enjoyable and FUN 2020!!

Scott Hakala
President, Men’s Golf Association

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