Golf Pro: February 2020

February 2020 is a busy month for golf operations! The current mild weather seems like playing on the course is just around the corner, and we will open the driving range depending on the variable weather conditions. Please look to the ForeTees announcements for updates on range availability and possible course projections as the weather gets warmer. To make sure we get you the correct information in a timely manner, please check that we have your email correct/updated in our system, and in the GHIN system as well. Our directory needs your current information, and we appreciate you taking the time to update us as soon as you can.

Although still in “off-season” hours (Tuesday–Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.) we are working toward getting all online registration and “save the date” notices for our major events finalized. We also have our main golf calendar completed for 2020, including junior events and clinics as well as tournaments for the LGA and MGA. Registration and calendar information will be on the website, in the golf shop, and in the locker rooms for clear communication.

Many questions are pouring in for the World Handicap System. Your questions help us to address many areas that we need to communicate and also use to educate membership. Please know that we are planning to have regular educational meetings starting in March and the questions we all have will be addressed as much as possible! Luckily, we have great communicators at our OGA office, and Kelly Neely has put together some helpful articles. Here is one recent article to give you an idea of the resources available through the OGA.

The cart storage shed is almost complete pending finishing touches on roofing and insulation for final approval and inspection. When we have clearance, we will be granted occupancy and start moving our fleet into the space. We hope to give a few tours of the new area once it is all in place, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

This season we will be hosting some new golf clinics, altering some volunteer needs, and implementing different activities, so please look for the pre-registration notices in your email from ForeTees. Ultimately, the ForeTees app and Member Central are the best sources of up-to-date club information. We are trying not to overwhelm your inbox, but this can be difficult to do with the amount of information we need to get to you, our members! Look for notices of events, education sessions, and registration deadlines on our webpage as well as in your email toward the end of February and beginning of March!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Emily Anderson
BGC Head Golf Professional

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