GM: February 2020

We’re only a month away from opening! Okay … maybe a little more, but hopefully we’ll get a nice blessing this year and open sooner than the last few years. The cart barn is completed, but we are
waiting for final sign-off from the City and the closing of several old permits from past projects years ago. Our driveways wound up 2 degrees off ADA compliance, so they must be redone. Then we have to pave a path from the south end of the barn up to the sidewalk. Paving will be delayed as the asphalt plants have closed for the winter, however, we will be able to move in while everything is getting done.

Secondly, we plan to take down the old cart barns in February and get the new parking area paved in order to have more parking. Its been a long haul, but the results will be so much better.

This year, I challenge all of you to help grow the BGC family. We’ll have 315 members by April 1. Our bylaws allow for a maximum of 350, but that excludes our 39 nonresident members. This means our actual capacity is 400 golf members in total. Simply put, we need 85. We can do it, but we need your help. People you associate with, new people to Bend — all of them are great candidates.

What’s in it for you? Referring a member means that you receive the first month of their dues as a credit. Get in touch with me if you have a person in mind and we’ll get them out for a round. We have jointly created a lot of momentum and it’s time to get to the finish line. Let’s get there together!

We have so much going for us. Debt free, a tremendous golf course, indoor tennis and pickleball, a year-round pool and best of all, an unpretentious membership. I can’t tell you how refreshing it for new members to discover how welcoming our club is. If you see a new face or someone you don’t know, please introduce yourself. The MGA and LGA have hospitality chairs designed to integrate them into the club, but we always will need your help.

As always, please contact me if you need anything.

Jeff Keller
BGC General Manager

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