Chef: January 2020

The plant-based Impossible burger on the menu is going to be replaced with the Beyond plant-based burger. I have tried them both and feel that the Beyond burger is very close in texture and flavor to the impossible burger. I can no longer purchase the Impossible burgers in patty form, therefore had to make a switch. With the corporate burger chain pushing the Impossible product, you could imagine the impact that that one chain has on the rest of the restaurant communities. We will reprint the menus soon noting the plant-based burger change and a few other changes. So, look forward to a few new menu items in the future.

Also, our Poor Richard’s nights are picking up momentum. Four courses for $25 is quite the value. Anecdotally, I took my family out downtown for dinner and spent $28 on my entrée for six little shrimp, a starch and no vegetables. My wife and daughter each had theirs and then we split an appetizer. I had one beverage and left the restaurant hungry, as I really didn’t want to spend another $10-$20 on myself just to feel satisfied. And no, I don’t usually gorge myself when I sit down for dinner. I do have a good business sense and realize with the rent downtown being at historical highs and with minimum wage increasing every year that this reflects what the consumer pays.

Thank you for your continued support,
Chef Darrin

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