LGA: December 2019

Our clubhouse looks festive and beautiful, thanks to the LGA volunteers, their husbands, and Christie, the BGC banquet manager. They were orchestrated by Suzanne Verhaeg.
Thanks to all involved. You can really feel the Holiday spirit when you walk into our club. Beautiful!

I hope you are all signed up for our annual Holiday Cocktail Party on Dec. 12, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.. Come on!! Let’s have a party! It will give us all a chance to share the Holiday
spirit with each other. Great food and drink, along with a few golf stories (or lies) will make it a fun time.

Our 2019 season was very busy and memorable. The course took a little time to recoup from a hard winter, but with Scott’s experience and grounds crew it improved quickly. Many guest players spoke praises about the BGC course during the summer. Thanks to all our ladies that helped organize our weekly play and our tournaments. Our competition culminated by being invaded by Star Wars. Costumes, outdoor theme music, and great food and raffle created a super fun Pinecone Classic tournament.

I am wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season. Bring on 2020!!!

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Stanard
LGA President

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