Golf Pro: December 2019

Welcome to winter 2019 (okay, it isn’t official for a few more days)! For those who have left the area, you missed some beautiful snowfall and seasonal cold. Mt. Bachelor opened the day after Thanksgiving making many Bendites and tourists very happy. The drivers not prepared for the road conditions are not so happy. For the golf shop, it means the long-term hard work begins in preparation for the upcoming season. 2020 marks 95 proud years of operation!

Drew Scrivner, Chris Wagaman, and I have been strategizing and planning for the upcoming Dickens event (5 p.m. December 6), the seasonal sales, and New Year’s specials. Although there is not a huge amount of new goods, we do have some great and useful items coming in and hope you come by often. We have also been rearranging the golf shop for you to come and spend time with us and feel welcome. You will see the old golf club display has been removed and seating has been put in place. Hours are 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. through January, with the shop closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Our calendar of golf events will be coming to you this month via email and sent as a hard copy as soon as some of the finer details are finished. We hope to keep the membership well informed for all events and scheduling for better planning and communication within the club. The end of May and beginning of June will be busy!

We are still seeking hosts for interns this summer, roughly 3-month increments starting in May and lasting possibly up through October. Please let us know if you are at all available to open your home or know of any rentals that may be available to attract interns to help us! Job postings for internships as well as for assistant golf professionals are posted on the PGA website. Please call 541-322-5770 for further information.

For anyone who is not aware, the World Handicap System is looming! For all the anticipation and speculation we hear from people regarding the new system, we want you to know there are many positives aspects to the changes. We’ll all have to make some adjustments. For one, all rounds are monitored daily through the GHIN system, and posting will need to happen the same day as play. Each individual golfer must have an independent email or the contact information will be erased by the GHIN system. If you share an email, please update each player with their own email for communication by the system. Please do not wait to do this!

The handicaps will be updated daily at midnight starting the beginning of 2020. Luckily the GHIN app will make this easier and we will be as open with the process as we can. Although there will be some growing pains, the club will be more than able to adjust with cooperation and communication. We are going to utilize the ForeTees system and depend on you to ask questions and bring up any issues that we can tackle for ease of transition. We are also setting up some OGA and handicap education seminars for the spring.

Once again, thank you for a great 2019 and looking forward to the upcoming year!

Happy holiday season to you, and please be careful out there!

Emily Anderson
PGA Certified Head Professional

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