GM: December 2019

I look back this year and am very thankful of all the blessing we have. Debt-free, a tremendous golf course and so many other fun things to do together. One of my favorite things to share with prospective members is who you all are as people. The pretentiousness that is part of many other clubs is simply not here. Be proud of your club — I sure am!

Our team has been busy since it cooled off. We have new sound suppression in the simulator room, and we’ll have a new sound curtain upstairs installed shortly. Our varied facilities are a huge part of the value we provide. Pickleball, tennis, swimming, and working out are all available to you. I encourage you all to use and enjoy your memberships to their fullest.

Emily is working on our merchandising; you’ll see new member pricing for all merchandise and new processes to ensure your needs are taken care of. We hope that you can join us for a preview during the Dickens Dinner.

The cart barn now has a roof and the pavement is completed on the north end. We are getting the electrical installed and then a few additions to pass the city code. Scott has a new equipment shed that should be completed in the middle of December.

Finally, the BGC family extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of Sarah Willa Watts (1928-2019), a BGC member since 1977 who passed in November.

We wish you and yours the best of holiday seasons and hope to see you at the Dickens Dinner!

Jeff Keller
BGC General Manager

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