MGA: November 2019

Welcome to our first column from the Men’s Golf Association since electing new officer’s in October of this year. We will continue to publish this monthly column to communicate MGA
board issues, events, and projects with our members.

Additionally, we believe it is critical to solicit input and/or recommendations from our members that impact all of our fellow golf members. Our MGA’s goal is to enhance the enjoyment, golfing experience, and camaraderie of our members throughout the golfing season by providing equitable and entertaining golf events that offer keen, yet fair competition. We want to re-establish and reinforce this type of golf experience for 2020 to encourage every member to get out and play in more events than they did in 2019.

Our MGA Annual Fall Banquet on Oct.17 was a great way to finish our golfing year. We had wonderful attendance, exceptional food, and reflected on both the past year and the year ahead. We also introduced their new 2020 MGA Board of Directors and recognized our “End of the Year” MGA award winners.

The MGA board for 2020:

President: Scott Hakala
Vice President: Kai Kuwata
Secretary: Doug Rude
Treasurer: Kevin Freihoefer
Directors: Jim Keller, Larry Hoyez, Mark Garcia
Board Liaison: Josh Gordon (Assigned by BOD)

The 2019 MGA Award winners:

MGA Match Play Winners:

  • Black Division: Ryan Crownover
  • Blue Division: Terry Rennie
  • Blue/White Division: Larry Hoyez
  • White Division: Jack Bieber
  • Golf/White Division: Sandy Mack

MGA “Most Improved Golfer” for 2019: Garry Mode

Our new head golf professional, Emily Anderson, presented the awards to the above winners in addition to providing an overview on 2020 MGA Golf Tournament Schedule. The 2020 MGA tournament schedule will be made available in December.

2020 Deschutes Cup qualifying beings in May. The tentative play dates, event locations and qualifying instructions will be posted online and in the golf shop by Feb./March 2020.

2020 MGA Match Play will begin in June and conclude in July. Matches will be played on Thursdays as a men’s day event. The golf shop will oversee the conduct and monitoring of these matches. Players must complete matches as scheduled.

2020 Men’s Day Daily Game Schedule – Will be posted for MGA membership review by January 2020. All dates/times are subject to change based on circumstances and approval by the MGA board, the BGC head golf professional, and her staff.

Lastly, the MGA is anxious for the start of the new year and look forward to making noticeable strides to improve your overall golfing experience. Again, we will ensure we implement
processes and procedures to improve the overall communications between our board and our members. To reciprocate, we ask that you, as our members, communicate your concerns and/or recommendations to our board members. Our next MGA meeting is Nov. 20 so if you have an item you’d like presented or discussed please forward to our secretary, Doug Rude, at no later than Nov. 15. Thank you and let’s have an exciting, rewarding and enjoyable 2020!!

Scott Hakala
President, Men’s Golf Association

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