Chef’s Tidbits: November 2019

Wednesdays throughout the winter we are offering a great special: A burger and a beverage. Enjoy Central Oregon grass-fed beef on a pub brioche bun with choice of cheese and fries, plus a pint of your favorite beer, a glass of wine, or a soft drink for just $15!

On Thursdays, we’ve already restarted our Poor Richard’s four-course dinners for $25. This menu will change weekly though you may see some more popular entrée selections
repeated. I believe this will increase momentum as the winter season progresses. In addition to the Poor Richard’s menu, we also offer our regular dinner menu and weekly specials.

Look what’s new! With the feedback pertaining to restaurant, we have enhanced each dining experience just a bit. In addition to our pumpernickel and sourdough rolls, we will be offering focaccia bread and a rustic rosemary loaf. We also are implementing new vegetable cooking methods such as oven roasting, glazing, grilling and deep frying just to name a few. As always, I value each and every member’s comments regarding the restaurant. Happy cooking!

Darrin Hauser
Executive Chef

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