Golf Pro: October 2019

As the season winds down for 2019, and the cold weather reminds us of our short golf season, we look back on the summer and take note.

Many changes have occurred for the membership of Bend Golf Club. There will be many more positive motions for change during the off-season for golf and positive momentum through the next season!

As a Central Oregonian and golf professional, I know how lucky I am to step into the role as your current PGA Head Golf Professional. This membership is very special. I have always held Bend Golf Club in high esteem, as did my father and grandfather. I believe our members will continue the grand tradition of prestige as the membership grows back to its maximum potential. The smiles and kind words, the wonderful input, and great ideas have been very welcome. A true breath of fresh air from silence! The support for the golf shop operations is truly appreciated by the entire staff, whom want to show you how much Bend Golf Club means to us as well. With teamwork we can accomplish anything!

On the business side of the golf operations, many meetings are in our future and strategic planning awaits us. If you would like to observe some of the meetings, please contact me and I will let you know which meetings are open for you!

The golf shop staff is currently amid inventory and season-end returns. If you think you might have seen merchandise you like please do not hesitate as it may not be here much longer! We will be attending the PGA show in Portland this month and looking closely at different product lines with you in mind.

I am looking forward to this upcoming winter. I have high hopes of systematically restoring processes and procedures to your golf operations and will gladly dedicate my time for the dignity of the club.

Thank you, members! Your warm welcome and support for this position is truly remarkable.

Emily Anderson
PGA Professional
Bend Golf Club

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One thought on “Golf Pro: October 2019

  • October 5, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Congratulations Emily. I am looking forward to supporting planning for next season. Larry and I feel very blessed to have landed at BGC. It’s truly where we belong.


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