Chef: October 2019

Just recently, I and Denver, our acting sous chef, attended Pacific Seafood’s food show. It really broadened the seafood spectrum for both of us. Along with multiple locations around the western United States coastal areas, they really control the market with multiple processing plants and even their own hatcheries and fishing boats.

During the food show I volunteered to be a judge as you can see from the photo below.

Denver was a judge two years prior. The three of us sampled food from five different local chefs who had a 45-minute time frame to complete their entrées. There was a community pantry that they could gather ingredients from and each of the contestants had two different proteins that they had to feature. One was a grouper (white fish) along with a bavette steak (basically flank steak) and one secret ingredient. The secret ingredient was marshmallows. During the judging process I could really get a sense of the caliber of these chefs. The winner of the event had a good balance of his proteins that were perfectly seasoned with their own sauces that complimented the proteins both in eye appeal and flavor enhancement. Under his white fish he made three small blue corn tortillas that seemed to lift and accentuate the protein.

As you can see, your culinarians are always representing your club at every chance they get. Denver and I had an awesome time!

“Semper Fidelis”
Darrin Hauser
Executive Chef

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