LGA: September 2019

Our LGA activities were in full swing (no pun intended) for the month of August. It seemed like we had just wrapped up the Bend Ladies Invitational when we jumped into our LGA 18-hole visitation on August 7. Both of those events were successful thanks to the help of all who volunteered, including several men from our MGA. Thanks to you all!

Our Member-Member golf tournament was held over two consecutive Wednesdays. The 9-hole group had 10 entries, and the 18-hole group had 40. What a good turnout. Next year should be even bigger. Many fun rivalries got our competitive juices flowing. It also gave us a chance to play with other LGA members.

The finale for the month was the BGC Club Championship tournament. It was held August 24 and 25. It was a tough competition, but Barb Gahr played very well and is our LGA Ladies Club Champ for 2019. Congratulations Barb.

Thank you to everyone who participated in and/or helped plan and present all these events. Our LGA nominating committee is currently talking to members about serving in one of the seats that will be vacated in October. Please consider running for one of
these positions. If you would like to find out what each open position entails, please call Pam Caine, past president, or me, Karen Stanard.

Don’t put that sunscreen away just yet. We have a lot of sunny, warm daya to play golf. See you on the course.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Stanard, LGA President

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